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Associated has a rich business history dating back to 1928 when Mr. C.D. Russell, Sr. formed a corporation which bought out the Baker Electric Company and commenced operations under the new name, Associated Wholesale Electric Company. The primary source of business during the early days of Associated was based in the construction industry, government, utility and institutional organizations.

During the World War II period, the company's business energy was directed toward the war effort. Much of Associated's business during this period came from effectively servicing the industrial companies producting basic materials and products for the military. Associated exported electrical products during the post-war era to the war ravaged Far East, helping to refurbish and build military and government facilities.

Over the years, Associated has not only solidified itself as a premier supplier in the Greater Los Angeles area, but has also expanded worldwide by becoming a major player in supplying electrical goods to the international petrochemical industry.

The recent acquisition by Steven Engineering offers new opportunities for the future of Associated, allowing us to expand our reach into new territories and markets, while maintaining the level of personal support you've grown accustomed to.


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